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To fight the good fight at every level possible, that the Gospel might once again have a place to stand in America. Taking every thought captive to Christ, that He might be honored in all we do.


“To be ignorant and simple now—not to be able to meet the enemies on their own ground—would be to throw down our weapons, and to betray our uneducated brethren who have, under God, no defense but us against the intellectual attacks of the heathen."  —C. S. Lewis 

Our society is now rushing to accept, promote, and aggressively defend any and all variants of what was once considered normal cultural behavior, as long as it supports the citizens of Gomorrah over those of Gethsemane. 

We have not only witnessed the brutal killing of over 60 million of our own children, but the selling of their little body parts to the highest bidder.

We have witnessed the death of purity, innocence, virtue, beauty, chasteness, good manners, etiquette, dignity, courtesy, respect, wholesomeness, tenderness, gentleness, modesty, propriety, politeness, decorum, decency, shame and guilt, righteousness, honor, nobility, civility, kindness, graciousness, reverence, reason, sound moral principles and judgment; along with the loss of masculine leadership from good and faithful men of resolute honor, loyalty, chivalry, gallantry, valor and unconditional love.

We have witnessed God write Ichabod, Ichabod, the glory is departed across many of our churches, leaving us with little more than empty sepulchers, cold repositories of religious artifacts and activities populated by well meaning Christians, of whom many do not possess the new life in Jesus Christ they profess. 

"If the radical depravity of mankind was ever in doubt, this godless generation has disabused our minds
of that thought." 

We have witnessed Heisenberg's uncertainty principle morph into the uncertainty of everything in our universities, and ambiguity in our seminaries. We have witnessed not only the denial of God's rightful position and ownership rights as our Creator and Lord, but His very existence as well. 

We have witnessed nothing short of the ignominious collapse of the traditional moral and ethical principles and values of our nation. We have witnessed the coarsening of American life to the point where only the prurient and sensate are effectual in advertising and Facebook is now offering 56 different gender choices to help you recreate yourself into something other than God's image.

"Same-sex marriage is the law of the land, and "trans" are now overnight media sensations on talk shows and tabloids." 

Today the entire field of human sexual behavior is marked by fierce moral relativism and rampant perversion with the most flagrant purveyors acclaimed as cultural icons by media pseudo-stars.

The savages (new atheists) are escalating the tempo of their insanity denying the the first two laws of thermodynamics, and original intent of our Constitution and the societal peace and order that naturally flows from a social consensus with fixed moral and ethical absolutes based on the obvious reality of God's existence as seen throughout creation. 

"Those in the once sacred halls of... governments now appear more demonic than democratic."

All of this is being accomplished through a democratic process of civil government and judicial activism by hedonistic nihilists; humanistic deconstructionists in our universities; and well entrenched evolutionary dogmatists preaching a purely fictionalized form of Darwinian synthesis under the mantle of science.

Abiogenesis, microbes to man is a lie. Nevertheless, those with no hope, have no viable alternative to Special Creation, and no hope of ever finding one.


The Christian principles in the founding of America was the Miracle Seen Round the World. Our nation has prospered for over 200 years, One Nation Under God, longer than any other nation in the world.

Under secular socialism, no bastion of freedom and liberty will be  left, and we will be one nation under God's judgment.

The history of  the Democratic party's role in slavery, segregation, and brutal oppression of the Black community as inferior, is truly one of the darkest chapters in all of American history. Disagree? You don't know your history.

Today, with Ivy-League damage control, branding, and media controlled cosmetic surgery, Democrats' segregation and oppression of Conservatives, Christians, and Jews continues virtually unabated.

For 783 days Democrats’ obstructionism has been unprecedented, violating all historical norms. The Democrats are determined to prevent President Trump from ever staffing his administration.

What Schumer & Pelosi are doing is a brand new phenomenon. At this rate the United States Senate will take 11.5 years to confirm the presidential nominees, as the new incoming democrats are yelling  "we're going to impeach the #$@%&!"

This is more demonic than democratic. Seriously, oh say, can you see... why we don't appear in the book of Revelation? 

We hold these truths

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."  US Congress, July 4, 1776.

Whether scholarship, science, or latest sociological delusion, this world would have you believe that gender is a social construct among four races (Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid, Australoid) that marriage is man's creation, and killing sixty million children is simply a choice. 

There's only one race. The Mitochondrial Eve race. God made man in His image, male & female and defined marriage. He has also judged nations for killing children, less than 60 million children.

Historian David Barton sets the record straight by tracing and documenting our rich African American political history presenting some of this country's greatest unheralded heroes:

The Rev. Frederick Douglass,

Rev, Richard Allen,

Rev. Henry Highland Garnet,

Rev. Hiram Rhodes Revels,

Joseph Hayne Rainey,

John Rock,

John Roy Lynch

letting them all speak freely and clearly for themselves in the halls of congress. 

Peace With Holy God

God is Holy—with a Pure, Absolute, Incomprehensible, Infinite Holiness that is His alone! He lives in unapproachable light—in majestic Holiness, Purity and Glory that knows no bounds. 

Unlike us, God is Good. Perfect in transcendent Omniscience, Wisdom, Justice and Love. Love for you and me.

We were created for fellowship with God. But, we have all sinned, and separated ourselves from God and placed ourselves under His righteous and true  judgment. God's justice requires payment for our sin for God to remain just, righteous and holy. That required payment is separation from God in the blackness, darkness, and torment of Hell for eternity, without hope. 

But God,

But God, in His great love for us sent His perfect Holy Son to die as the payment for our sin. Unto us a child was born, unto us a Son was given as a sacrificial lamb to die that we might live.

By raising Jesus from the dead God displayed His acceptance of the substitutionary payment on our behalf. God now commands everyone to repent of our sin and place our faith in His Son Jesus Christ.

When we repent and place our faith (trust, belief, confidence) in Christ—God saves us and we are forgiven. This is the reason for The Cross, God's Good News!

But, there's a cost

 If indeed, God performs a miracle in your life and saves you, the proof will be a transformation of your whole life. You'll begin to love things you once ignored or even hated, and find yourself  beginning to hate some of the things you once loved. You will know that you are now His child, His personal work of love and kindness. By grace, there will be progress toward Christlikeness in your life.

So be ready! There's a cost for following Christ. Sometimes the cost is everything you have. But it's worth it! The decision is yours. If God is working in your heart, follow the light home!

If not, pray earnestly that God will change your heart. You can make a lot of mistakes in life and get by, but this is one you do not want to make. Please don't!  

Don't miss Jesus Christ as Your Savior and Lord!


To defend the whole body of truth that Christ, while He was here, confirmed, clarified and died for. That means more than defending theism and creationism. Involved is a defense of all areas Satan is working to destroy. That some are saved, others strengthened to serve, we pray!

"No more let sins and sorrows grow, nor thorns infest the ground. He comes to make his blessings flow, far as the curse is found, far as the curse is found."  

In his later years, Isaac Watts once complained about hymn singing in church: "To see the dull indifference, the negligent and thoughtless air that sits upon the faces of a whole assembly, while the psalm is upon their lips, might even tempt a charitable observer to suspect the fervency of their inward religion." He had been bemoaning such since his late teens. His father, tired of his complaints, challenged him to write something better. The following week, the adolescent Isaac presented his first hymn to the church, "Behold the Glories of the Lamb," which received an enthusiastic response. The career of the "Father of English Hymnody" had begun.

a genius

At Isaac's birth in 1674, his father was in prison for his Nonconformist sympathies (that is, he would not embrace the established Church of England). His father was eventually freed (and fathered seven more children), but Isaac respected his courage and remembered his mother's tales of nursing her children on the jail steps. Young Isaac showed genius early. He was learning Latin by age 4, Greek at 9, French (which he took up to converse with his refugee neighbors) at 11, and Hebrew at 13. Several wealthy townspeople offered to pay for his university education at Oxford or Cambridge, which would have led him into Anglican ministry. Isaac refused and at 16 went to London to study at the leading Nonconformist academy.

"No more let sins and sorrows grow, Nor thorns infest the ground; He comes to make His blessings flow Far as the curse is found, Far as the curse is found, Far as, far as, the curse is found."  Isaac Watts

The battle is the Lord's. The task He has assigned to us begins with our hearts, yours and mine. Because, whoever holds the high ground in our hearts, the King, or ourselves, will determine our faithfulness in this battle.  Pure and simple. 

Christ has given us so many great and powerful weapons. Prayer is our greatest, the most effective and precious weapon.   Use it!  Far as the curse is found.

At the DYFN workstation.

My wife and I served as missionaries and have worked together in several Jr. High, College/Career, and homeless ministries. Involved in apologetics over 30 years, with apologetic websites since 1998. We've been married 45 years, 3 children.

Jesus Christ is my Savior and Lord, the love of my life, the very air that I breathe. Defending the truth of His Scripture has been my highest honor, greatest joy, and precious privilege beyond words.

"The only escape for atheists is to suppress and reject Truth."

We believe the existence of the Biblical God is now a stark objective reality that is rationally, factually provable beyond a reasonable doubt. The discoveries of the last 5 years are insurmountable for the naturalist. The only escape for atheists today is to suppress and reject Truth.

Apologetics begins not with the latest discoveries in support of the scriptural worldview, but confidence that all the treasures of  Wisdom, Knowledge and Truth are hid in Christ Jesus our Lord.

When men reject Christ, their minds and hearts are darkened; they become fools. That rejection has intellectual, emotional and eternal consequences.

Understanding the antithesis that exists, the apologist defends faith in Christ by demonstrating by his words and life the supremacy of the Christian worldview.  

1.  Assuming God’s laws of logic to argue for a godless universe.

2.  Assuming absolute moral standards within a world of chemical reactions.

3.  Assuming the order in the universe came from disorder.

Truth is the opposite of naturalism's lie, which now dominates our landscape. Where do you place ultimate authority? God's Word or man's? Choose God's

How does DYFN decide which issues to defend, and which to leave to others to defend? 

We aren't a unique ministry, nor are we another Creation vs. Evolution ministry.

Our goal is to engage and occupy as many areas of this conflict as possible, pulling down every stronghold and lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God.

Some of those areas extend well beyond section 501(c)(3) guidelines, therefore, we refuse to be under those restrictions. Satan's certainly not. Nor, is Christ Jesus.

What would America be like if churches weren't under government 

DYFN defends the authority and the inerrancy of the Bible from the neutral non-denominational position, providing you with the finest authorities available in theology, apologetics and science.

Dr. James Tour

The challenges we all face : 

1.  The residual noetic effects of man's Fall and God's Curse on all mankind. 

2.  Satan, working feverishly to destroy God’s highest creation made in His own image, to deprive God of His due glory. 

3.  That in a perfect world with every good thing provided for our happiness and contentment, that we could sin.

4. The desires and lust of a man's flesh, the covetousness and envy of our eyes, our crippling pride and duplicitous heart.

5. The world in the lap of the Evil One. Yet, that men must first believe it, before they can begin to really understand it.

6.  Man's bent toward self-deception, that drives the foolishness of unbelief, and the insanity of the rejection of Truth. Men do love darkness rather than light.

7.  The Immorality of Neutrality. 
"Attempting to be neutral in one's intellectual endeavors (whether research, argumentation, reasoning, or teaching) is tantamount to striving to erase the antithesis between the Christian and the unbeliever."  GLB

8.  Pastors unwilling to engage the evil, pervasive evil in this country for fear of losing their job, church tax exempt status, or the support of their church board.

Since we are not a universal resource, and well understand our limitations, we do not address many technical  issues beyond historically accepted principles. We are a link to the principal resources. Please see our Directory page. 

At the cross good and evil are seen for what they are. We are seen for who we are. And God in Christ is seen reconciling the world back to Himself by His own substitutionary, sacrificial death on a cross on our behalf, out of love for us. 

Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all. What about you?

Therefore, we work to defend the whole body of truth that Christ, while He was here, confirmed, clarified, and died for.  An empty tomb declares, He is not here. He has Risen! He has Risen Indeed!

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, we covet your prayers and encouragement. But, that's it, that's as far as it goes. If you still feel led to do something financially, support your local church generously. Still feel led to do something, support Eternal Perspective Ministries  and we will be very grateful. Thank you! 

Your fellow servant,
Don Mosteller


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