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One evening when I was in 3rd or 4th grade down in the basement of Garfield Methodist Church, Phoenix Arizona, during one of our youth fellowship meetings, the young man leading our time together took me out on the old concrete steps to talk to me alone.

He told me that I was kind of a screw up, but that he liked me, and he wanted me to remember just one thing, if I forgot everything else he ever said. He told me that I could make a lot of mistakes in life and get by, but that there was one I didn't want to make:  "You don't want to miss Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Don't do that! Please, don't do that!"

One night, almost 20 years later, all alone in Lamb Chapel at Grace Community Church, Tempe Arizona, I truly repented and confessed all of my sins and cried out to God to please forgive me, to please save me! The Holy Spirit that night used that simple statement in a most profound and powerful way to change my life.

That was a long time ago, and you know, that iron stake that he drove down into my heart that night, is still in my heart. Now, I give it to you.

I'm telling you this for a reason. If your mind just goes blank, like mine does sometimes while talking to someone, and you can't think of anything profound, spiritual or compelling to say, then just tell them the simple truth as best you can. Any way you can, and then leave it in the hands of the Lord to take it from there.

Your obvious love for Christ, the honor that you show for God's Word, and the gravity you place on this eternal issue will be your very best witness ever for Jesus. 

Your fellow servant,



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