You can't imagine how many great things are just waiting to be discovered... 

how do you reach people who listen with
their eyes and think with their emotions?
Ravi Zacharias 


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Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen

In loving memory,
September 17, 1948
December 11, 1995 

As the most powerful apologist of the twentieth century, his work relentlessly reflected his commitment to the supreme authority of the Word of God. His rigorous logic, theological depth, brilliant scholarship, intellectual gifts,  along with devastating debating skills won for him the respect of admirers and adversaries.

I am, as many others, all the richer for his life as a faithful warrior bearing the standard of God's Word as the only inerrant, infallible, sufficient, complete and determinative rule by which men may live. Greg Bahnsen stood fast as an anvil well beaten, in a day of ethical and theological relativism and ecclesiastical compromise; to the glory of his Lord.

May we all finish as well.
DP Mosteller


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Human Life Questions and Answers

The Biblical Roots of Modern Science

The Robbery Of Neutrality

Genesis—The Seedbed of All Christian Doctrine

Heart of the Matter

Amazing Admission, Professor Richard Lewontin

Evangelism & Apologetics

Who’s Really Pushing ‘bad science’?

Revelation & Science 

The Origin of Evil 

 The Impropriety of Evidentially Arguing for The Resurrection 

A review of The Essence of Darwinism by Kirsten Birkett: Evangelical Compromise Misses the Essentials

Prolegomena to Apologetics 

 Are The Doctrines of Creation Stand-Alone?


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