Cancel the 4th?



The heritage of this nation has fallen on hard times. Patriots have become the ultimate pariahs — the social outcasts of our day.

George Washington memorials are destroyed. Christopher Columbus is history. Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas Jefferson, and Francis Scott Key have come down.

Over the last two months, hundreds if not thousands of historical markers, statues, and memorials have been removed, destroyed, or defaced. Most of America’s godly heritage was removed a long time ago from the museums, the universities, and school curriculum.

Shall we cancel the 4th of July this year?

Or, shall we rather preserve our heritage, reenforce the foundations of our nation, and express gratitude to God for every blessing and every last piece of the godly heritage with which we have been blessed?

In the middle of the revolution sweeping across this country, Christian families are faced with a very serious question. Do we celebrate the 4th of July? Do we honor a nation’s heritage? Do we thank God for the good things He has given to us?

A nation’s heritage is not always an easy, straight forward consideration. We cannot look at it in a sentimental way or with an irrational patriotic fervor either. On the other hand, the Scripture warns us about revolutionaries who have teeth like knives, “a generation pure in their own eyes, yet is not washed from its own filthiness” (Proverbs 30:12-13). They curse their fathers and do not bless their mothers, and they are very destructive to nations, usually producing bloody revolutions and terrible devastation.

These have disposed of the heritage they have received. They condemn everything that happened in the past, because they are “pure in their own eyes.”

How do Christians
regard their heritage?

Christian families are called to gratefulness to God for a heritage. We are called to share the “wonderful works of God” in history with our children. George Washington called these “remarkable interpositions of God’s providence.” We are also called to carefully discern between that which is good and that which is evil in the history of our country, and the West, and the whole world. This is what we have done in our World History, US History, Western Civilization History, Church History, and History of Western Liberties surveys — as provided through the Generations Christian Discipleship program.

There are the “good guys” and the “bad guys” in history. Israel had good kings and bad kings, as determined by God’s Word. We can’t argue with that. Do we have a duty to draw such distinctions between the good leaders and the bad leaders in history, and in the present day? How would we make these distinctions? Who are the heroes, and who are the goats in history?

These are critical questions today, and we must have an answer for our children — as we pass on a heritage and attempt to leave a legacy for the next generation ourselves. 


Next Thursday, we will be hosting a FREE history Q&A webcast, and I plan to present a helpful guide by which you can teach your children about our heritage, history, and yes, heroes too. We will use the biblical standards to evaluate — humility, the fear of God, the principles of God’s Word, and repentance as the primary determinants for drawing the lines.

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For Christ and His kingdom!

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